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Subject:[Openstack] Announcing project Heat
From:Angus Salkeld (
Date:Apr 10, 2012 5:41:20 am


I'd like to announce a new project that we have been working on, we have named it "Heat" (heat raises the clouds:).

Our goal is to make it possible to manage multiple instance cloud applications with one template/specification file.

Initially we want to implement as much as we can of the "AWS CloudFormation" API and later look at other API like TOSCA.

We are attempting to write this in the style of an openstack project so as many people as possible can help out (come join in!).

I know this is a busy topic area with several other interesting projects like Burrow, Donabe, Kanyun, Dough, Reddwarf and PlatformLayer.

My hope is there we can form an exciting community at this layer and integrate where it makes sense.

For instance many of the above projects implement (or could) some of the AWS resource types [1].

Some things that could be done together:  - monitoring (Kanyun) and using the results to provide auto scaling.  - AWS::SQS::Queue (Burrow)  - AWS::RDS::DBInstance (Reddwarf/PlatformLayer)

Unfortunately I won't be at the summit but Mark McLoughlin will give a lightening talk about it.

Our project pages:

Drop in at #heat on freenode or email our mailing list