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Subject:Re: [Openstack] Greatest deployment?
From:John Paul Walters (
Date:May 24, 2012 5:49:41 am


On May 24, 2012, at 5:45 AM, Thierry Carrez wrote:

OpenNebula has also this advantage, for me, that it's designed also to provide scientific cloud and it's used by few research centres and even supercomputing centres. How about Openstack? Anyone tried deploy it in supercomputing environment? Maybe huge cluster or GPU cluster or any other scientific group is using Openstack? Is anyone using Openstack in scentific environement or Openstack's purpose is to create commercial only cloud (business - large and small companies)?

OpenStack is being used in a number of research clouds, including NeCTAR (Australia's national research cloud). There is huge interest around bridging the gap there, with companies like Nimbis or Bull being involved.

Hopefully people with more information than I have will comment on this thread.

We're developing GPU, bare metal, and large SMP (think SGI UV) support for
Openstack and we're targeting HPC/scientific computing workloads. It's a work
in progress, but we have people using our code and we're talking to folks about
getting our code onto nodes within FutureGrid. We have GPU support for LXC
right now, and we're working on adding support for other hypervisors as well.
We're also working on getting the code into shape for merging upstream, some of
which (the bare metal work) has already been done. We had an HPC session at the
most recent Design Summit, and it was well-attended with lots of great input.
If there are specific features that you're looking for, we'd love to hear about

By the way, all of our code is available at, so
if you'd like to try it out before it gets merged upstream, go for it.

best, JP