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Subject:Re: [Openstack] [Swift] LFS patch (Ia32c9c34)
From:Pete Zaitcev (
Date:Jul 17, 2012 9:40:12 am

On Mon, 16 Jul 2012 22:45:48 +0000 Victor Rodionov <> wrote:

Most of patch code was restructured, most of logic was moved to middleware level
and use hooks in Swift code. I create separate project (LFS middleware for now there are only 2 supported file system
types (XFS and ZFS) there. Also this middleware provide API for getting file
system status information (for example, for ZFS it's current pool status, etc).

It sounds strange to make Swift aware of the specific LFS. One day I come up with ZaitcevFS and what happens then? Patching Swift again I presume.

I wish Gluster people would stop delaying their competing LFS proposal and finally submit it. Their code was out for a year, but they apparently are content to carry a fork forever: <==== for 1.4.5 <==== for 1.4.8

-- Pete